Quality Control

Arvind Kumar & Company follows 4 point quality inspection of fabric. Every lot of fabric is tested in lab for color fastness, dimensional stability, slippage, strength etc before putting it in final wrack. Trims are properly inspected in laboratory. In sewing, factory has inline critical check point in every line for all critical operations. All complete ready garments get inspected at the end line. After 100% inspection in sewing and finishing factory has established random audit station for inspection to identify whether the goods are ok to move for next process.

We has adopted “paretto chart” and “fish bone analysis” as tools for quality improvement and management.

LEAD TIME FOR ORDER EXECUTION: 90 Days depending on order quantity / style / specifications / kind of raw-materials.

CODE OF CONDUCT: We have approved for code of conduct from la-redoute (audited by BV), Okaidi (audited by AQM) and applied for BSCI audit.

EPILOGUE: This information is only brief about the company. Company management would be very happy to provide any further information in case of any queries.